Topanga Bands

This site was created in 2006, to help people find over 70 cool local bands from Topanga, California! Secondarily, we are also trying to provide you with great links to the websites of local: writers, artists, studios, spiritualists, stores, event locations and others.

A few years ago we produced a compilation CD with 18 local Topanga bands called “Rhythms Of Topanga”, as a fund raiser for our Topanga Community House. Featuring up-beat, fun and dancey music, this compilation is great! It is currently available at Topanga Home Grown, Mimosas, and other stores around town and ALL the money raised goes to the Community House.

Two years earlier we also produced the great “Topanga, Music Of The Mountains” CD, which is a cool collection of Ballads and mellow music by 18 local Topanga bands who all donated their music to this fund raiser to help our Community House. This disc was available for $10.oo at Topanga HomeGrown, Mimosas, and other stores in town, and has raised over $8,000.oo so far.

It is our hope that this site will help you in your search for quality local Topanga music!

If you would like us to add your website link to this site, just contact us and ask!

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Hani Naser
Michael Mulder
Tim O'Gara
Old Bull
Joee Corso
Killing Cassanova
Johnny Blue Trio
Topanga Mountain Tree-o
Downward Facing Dog
Dana Wood
James McVay
Elizabeth Egan
Rick Ellis
Gayle Ellett
Ukab Maerd
Colin Hay
Cecilia Noel
Lise Soly
Eric Lynn
Are You A Cop
Suzanne Teng
The Lost Tribe Of America
Michael Levine
Mac Quayle
Donna De Lory
Djam Karet
The Masket Chamber
Jamie Papish
Jim Crawford
Sandra Bacall
Sound Journey
The Color Rage
Twenty Flight Rockers
Eamon Ryland
Samantha James
Mista Melo
Engine Empath
The Magpies Blues Band
Randy Chance
The Blues Ryders
Peter Alsop
Dave Dale
Blues Divine
Steve McCormick
City Fritters
John Baltic
The Weepies
Hippi Steve & The Kush
Dana and the Polecats
Kim Carroll
Emrys Hanley
Soul Livin
Brian Carter
Rich Thomas
A Fluid Motion
Philip Boone
Zane Suarez
Dinosaur Horses
Sean H
Big Bone Lick
Alyssa Anjelica James
The Porch Girls
Skip James & The Space Station

Bands from outside Topanga:
Jesca Hoop
Lisbeth Scott
Little Feat
TJ Montgomery
Ted Falcon
Celeste Lear
Chevy Metal
Eliza Jane
Allan Comeau

Live Music in Topanga:
Cafe Bistro
Topanga Days Festival
Topanga Community House
Theatricum Botanicum
Topanga EARTH Day
Topanga 27 Creation

Musical History Of Topanga:
Studio Club/Topanga

A cool local magazine of local music:
Far West Almanac

Internet Radio:
Topanga Radio

Recording Studios:
Pangea Production
Yucca Productions
Skyline Studio

A Great CD manufacturing company I like:
CD Experts

Visual Artists:
David Blattel
Bill Jehle
Megan Rice
Linda Bolhuis
Bungalow Art
Yolanda Klappert
Sophia Dia Pegrum

Yoga and Spiritualists and Healers:
Yoga Desa
Lola Babalon
Polarity Healing Arts
Alchemy Wellness
Astrology Chick
Dina Fraboni

Informative Organizations about Topanga:
Topanga Chamber Of Commerce
Topanga Messenger Newpaper

Event Locations in Topanga:
The Mountain Mermaid
Tuscali Mountain Inn
The Institute Of Courage
Jalan Jalan Imports

Local Stores:
Topanga Home Grown
Hidden Treasures